Key Stage 5 Options

You have three options, A Level Computer Science, Cambridge Technical IT. The information below should help you in deciding, but your teacher is also there to help and support you. 


Cambridge Technical IT

Vocational qualification graded Distinction * - Pass

Year 12:

Unit 1 - External examination in January of Year 12

Unit 2 - External examination in May of Year 12

Unit 6 - Application Design

Unit 17 - Internet of Everything

Unit 15 - Games Design and Prototyping 

Mr Vallally-Godfrey's Presentaiton

Cambridge Technical IT (1).mp4

A Level Computer Science 

A Level qualification graded A*-E

Mr Vallally-Godfrey's Presentaiton

A Level Presentation.mp4

Ex-students Careers

Forwarding (2).pdf